1. Define your Vision and story 

As a digital modest influencer is necessary to define your vision and story you want to tell a be famous for before opening up accounts and start sharing on social media channels. do your homework and find out what would you like to stand for as an influencer and why you should share it with others. 

2. choose the right social media platforms for you: 

Instagram, facebook, snapchat, youtube, etc.. all are great powerful platforms with millions of users however not all of them works for everyone. before blindly create your profile, spend some time to learn about these platforms functionalities and audience type    .select which ones will suit you based on your vision, skills, and target audience.
be awesome on a few of them.

3 .Builds Trust & Authenticity

People hit follow because they genuinely love what you stand for and how you share it with them. they are actively seeking out content that adds value and wants to join the conversation, so make sure you balance your native/sponsored content and stay true and authentic. 

Every follower counts!!!

4. Avoid over posting 

Over posting is simply when your consistently share irrelevant and oversaturated content to your audience which can easily increase your unfollow rate. Stop posting for a sake of posting!  and learn the balance (Strategy) of how often to share and engage your audience without flooding their social feeds.

5A. be an expert in what you do

A true influencer is someone who is seen as an expert in a category with authentic content a highly engaged audience. Smart brands do invest in experts and empower them with brands knowledge, access to product and incentives every day... so stay authentic and be an expert  in what you do every day...

5B. join a matchmaking influencer marketing agency

Partnering with influencer marketing agency and been part of their influencers network, will benefit you to the max.  these agencies are able to match you with the brands you love, expose you to new ones and give you a chance to take part of great campaigns. they will also guide you and help you stay authentic and unique.