Social Media has changed not only the way we communicate but also the way we discover new brands and shop products. 

The quick expansion and the daily use of multiple social media platforms have created a giant stage for peer recommendations which are hugely impacting consumers purchasing habits and decisions.

Understanding Digital modest influencer marketing and its benefits will help every business owner to take the first step towards authenticity and consumer trust.

Away from the old common definition - paid bloggers and celebrities with high number of followers/fans - digital influence marketing is all about authentic and trustable people who eat, breath and live their passions and experiences. Their goal is inspire and help consumers make the best decisions.

Business/brand owners can easily reach out and work with whom they consider as good digital influencers however Digital influence marketing is more than finding the right influencer, it is a measurable marketing strategy that requires experience, creativity, hard work and investment to create powerful, targetable, trackable digital social campaigns. 


Examples of great recent digital infulencers marketing campaigns

1. Malaysia airlines with Yuna  #FlyingHigh Campaign

In the face of two unprecedented crises within a span of less than 6 month - MH370 that disappeared on 8 March and MH17 that was shot down in the Ukraine air space on 17 July, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) suffered all-time low staff morale, negative consumer sentiment, and a losing trust in the brand. 

During this hard time people heavily used social media to send prayers to the families of those who lost their loved ones, express their pain and sadness. Malaysia Airlines had to act smart towards this unfortunate and sad situation, so they engaged with their social media ambassador "Yuna" - Talented, rooted and humble Malaysian singer/artist - to express her faith in the brand to the local people to remind them that they would get through this and keep #flyinghigh.

Yuna continued to share messages from Malaysia Airlines as well as her own support for the brand to her 1.2M followers on Twitter. The music video has received over 1 million views and is also available on Spotify. Music being the universal language united the global community in overcoming grief and garnered positive conversations for the brand. Malaysians were able to relate to the song in remembrance of the victims as well as look to the brand with hope.


2. The new CHANEL No.5  L' EAU tease campaign with TOP Instagram influencers. 

During To build awareness, tease the market before the new CHANEL No.5 L'EAU launch in September 2016, and reach to large amount of engaged social followers and audiences that would be especially interested in Chanel's new fragrance, the brand  invited the world's top fashion-focused Instagrammers and fashion bloggers (like Julie Sariñana of the blog Sincerely Jules) to Chanel's flower fields and production facilities in Grasse, France, to see (and share with their audiences) how Chanel makes its iconic fragrances.

The branded hashtag #newchanel5 generated over 1,600 pieces of content (both influencer-generated and user-generated) and garnered nearly 1 million likes (over 900k) in the first month of the campaign.

By partnering with top Instagram influencers Chanel was able to expose over 9 million people to the brand's social media marketing campaign.